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McCloskey Environmental Screeners

McCloskey Environmental screens are built to take on the toughest materials, screening effectively without build-up, blinding, and clogging.

The ER-155 and ER-230 Flex-Flow models work in tandem with other on-site equipment. With their fast set-up time and ability to move around job sites, the screeners are uniquely suited to projects where maneuverability is key. The EDS-7000 is a tracked disc screener capable of effectively and reliably screening various types of material. The EDS-7000 is designed to meet the needs of customers who have a requirement to size the shredded materials or remove fines to give a clean product.

EDS-7000 Tracked Disc Screener
EDS-7000 Tracked Disc Screener
  • Full on board diesel electric generator- Can also be powered by mains.
  • 7M total screen length – F12.5M/ 4.5M
  • User friendly controls.
  • 4M tracks for superior maneuverability and stability.
  • 2F/3F product production.
  • Kohler 55KW T4F/EU Stage V engine.
  • Variable speed controls on screen deck and conveyors.
ER-155 High Capacity Long Hopper Screener
ER-155 High Capacity Long Hopper Screener
  • 16×5 heavy duty high energy 2 bearing screen box.
  • 130 Hp diesel engine.
  • Direct feed hardox lined hopper.
  • Screen raises at lower end for easy bottom deck access.
  • Service standing room inside powerpack.
ER-230 High Energy Durable Screener
ER-230 High Energy Durable Screener
  • 20×6 heavy duty high energy 2 bearing screen box.
  • 225Hp diesel engine.
  • Direct feed lined hopper.
  • Travel out fixed walkways.
  • Integrated hydraulic folding stockpiling conveyors.