Being on the forefront of the screening and crushing industry since 1995 we decided to invest in our own trucks and trailers to make scheduling of pickups and deliveries not only easier for us, but especially for our customers. Our trucks travel all across Canada, and we wish to extend our services to all types of custom hauling.


Tyalta Transport is not only for our own machines and customers, but also for hire to general heavy hauling as well. Our fleet can handle all types of freightage, and we are creative and innovative enough to come up with any solution to your hauling needs. Call us for a quote and let’s get your equipment to where it needs to go.


We provide experienced drivers and have hauled numerous oversize loads over the years. We haul our own equipment from Ontario, and are always looking for a load heading down east.


  • 5 Tractor Units
  • 2 T800 Kenworth
  • 1 W900 Kenworth
  • 3 – 45 Ton RGN Trailers
  • 65 Ton, 10 Axle Trailer
  • 60 Ton, 9 Axle Trailer
  • 1 – Tandem Booster
  • 2 – 53 Foot Step Deck, Tridem Trailers
  • 65 ton, Double drop 10′ wide HDG 25′-29′ Well
  • 32 Foot Goose Neck Trailer
  • 2 – Single Axle Jeeps
  • 2 – Tandem Jeeps
  • 2 – Single Axle Boosters