“Looking back to 1999, things haven’t changed much. Even though Craig is the President, you can still find him getting his hands dirty”


In 1995 Craig met an equipment dealer by the name of Pascal McCloskey and made a deal that would change his life. It was then he started Tyalta Industries. From the day it started Tyalta has been a family business, starting with the name, “TY” for his son’s name Tyler, “AL” from his daughters name Alexandra, and “TA” for the last two letters of Alberta.

For the first few years, Tyalta functioned as a one-man show, with Craig doing everything from sales, to services and screen changes. His wife Sheryl was in the home office keeping the books in order, and his kids lending a helping hand when needed. Gradually over the years Tyalta has only grown and developed into a multidimensional organization, adding Tyalta Transport, Tyalta Finance, and most recently, Tyalta Fabrication


Our mission isn’t to do the best we can; it is to do whatever is required to make the customer happy. We will not hide behind “we did the best we could”, here at Tyalta, we do whatever it takes

“When we moved from a one-bay shop, into a new two-bay shop with an office” – Circa 2000
“Reminiscing of the golden days, the beginning of the Tyala Fleet” – Circa 2000


Our vision is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers with our commitment to providing a premium experience. By delivering first class equipment, outstanding support, and unrivaled service; Tyalta Industries is recognized as the partner of choice in the markets we serve.


 We not only value being customer focused, but respectful of our employees. We value having honour and integrity in our business practices with our customers, potential clients and staff.

“Looking back to when we moved from an outdoor yard to our first shop space. We have definitely grown since then” – Circa 1995